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Company Directory
Our friendly staff is here to help you with all your mortgage needs. We will use our expertise to find the right program for you.
Jerry Buonanno
Regional Sales Manager
Direct:   (203) 208-4152
Email:   jerry@boect.com
Website: http://jerrybuonanno.com/
NMLS #: 441587
Thomas Fomenko
Branch Manager
Direct:   (203) 208-4152
Email:   tfomenko@englending.com
NMLS #: 452659
Jerry Meyers
Regional Sales Manager
Cell:   (803) 509-0100
Email:   jmeyers@boemortgage.com
Website: http://www,boecarolinas.com
NMLS #: 1149343
Dennis Marshall
Senior Loan Officer
Direct:   (203) 208-4152
Email:   dmarshall@boemortgage.com
NMLS #: 597857
Jonathan Schuley
Sr. Loan Officer
Direct:   (203) 947-3357
Email:   jschuley@englending.com
NMLS #: 90314
Paula Vignone-Mezzanotte
Direct:   (860) 604-9422
Email:   pvmezzanotte@englending.com
NMLS #: 165134
Samuel Airas
Direct:   (860) 922-6527
Email:   sairas@englending.com
NMLS #: 137019
Gregg Pomeroy
Office: (203) 208-4152
Email:   gpomeroy@boemortgage.com
NMLS #: 30461
Angel Llanos
Office: (860) 828-5374
Email:   allanos@boemortgage.com
NMLS #: 121430
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